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Holder: After his performance against the Jaguars, Jameis Winston will be named the Saints’ starting quarterback.

NEW ORLEANS — On Monday night, the world watched as Drew Brees’ replacement was crowned.
When the Green Bay Packers visit New Orleans in Week 1, Jameis Winston will be the starting quarterback. If not…well, there is no “if not” scenario.There was never a point this offseason when I felt Taysom Hill would beat Winston out for the position.
Throughout training camp and the first two preseason games, I’ve been anticipating Winston’s “win the job” moment.
Several Who Dats were perplexed as to why Winston and Hill’s debate remained a debate at all.
Hill gave a viable force to Winston during the preseason version of “Monday Night Football,” but Winston’s dominating performance should push Hill back into the Swiss Army Knife role, which will still serve as a key asset to the offense.Winston detonated during the Saints 23-21 win against the Jags in the preseason version of “Monday Night Football.”
He had a passer rating of 157.5 after completing nine of ten passes for 123 yards and two touchdowns.
Can I say that was reminiscent of Brees?
It had been
Nevertheless, you must consider that this occurred in the first quarter of a preseason game against the NFL’s weakest club last season.