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On Friday, Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold will be fully immunized against COVID-19.

SPARTANBURG, S.C. is a city in the state of South Carolina.
– A league source told that Carolina Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold will be considered completely immunized for COVID-19 as of Friday.
Darnold caused a stir on social media in early June when he admitted to reporters on a Zoom call that he hadn’t been vaccinated.
Several questioned his leadership, especially given the limits placed on non-vaccinated players.
Darnold has since maintained it’s a personal decision and has refused to say if he’s been vaccinated or not.
Darnold, according to the source, has had both doses and will be 14 days away from the second on Friday, making him fully vaccinated.
On Tuesday, as players reported at Wofford College for training camp, Darnold said, “It’s everyone’s option whether they want to be vaccinated or not.”
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Read more >> * Whole 2021 schedule | Depth charts >> * Trades | Injuries | More NFL >> Darnold’s absence of a mask during a group interview on Tuesday without social distancing was an sign he had been vaccinated.
He was, however, sporting a pink bracelet, which signifies that a player has not been properly immunized.
According to a league source, the Panthers are among the league leaders in terms of immunization rates, with at least an 85 percent rate.
Because of all the processes the NFL has in place for unvaccinated players, coach Matt Rhule has stated repeatedly that being vaccinated will provide clubs a competitive advantage.
It was amplified when the league announced that teams unable to play regular-season games due to a COVID-19 epidemic sparked by an unvaccinated player would be forced to forfeit and that neither team would be compensated.
Rhule declined to comment on Darnold’s decision, but expressed satisfaction with the Panthers’ vaccination rate.
“The coronavirus, the Delta variant, and all those things are going to be an issue, even though we’re so well-vaccinated,” Rhule added.
“It’ll be a year-long problem for us to cope with.”
“Everyone has made their decisions, some are still making decisions, and others are in various stages of the process.”
We must continue to be astute.
It will continue to have an impact on us in various ways because it is affecting the entire planet.”