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The Atlanta Falcons have become the first team in the NFL to be fully immunized against Covid.

The Atlanta Falcons are the first NFL team to declare that all of their players have been vaccinated against Covid-19.
After coming into close contact with a positive case, players might stop completing daily testing, donning masks, and going into self-isolation because to their immunization status.
“On July 23, the Falcons reached a vaccination rate of 92 percent, ensuring that every player on the squad is protected against COVID-19.”
According to a statement on the team’s website, “each player will now experience the benefits of being able to work out and eat together.”
The news came about a month after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced teams would be forced to forfeit games if they were unable to play due to Covid outbreaks and would not be compensated for games missed due to unvaccinated players.
“As we learned last year, if we maintain a solid commitment to adhering to our health and safety rules and making necessary adjustments in reaction to changing situations, we can play a full season,” he wrote in the memo.
According to NBC Sports, all 32 NFL clubs have a vaccination percentage of at least 75%, with 15 teams reaching 95%.
97.1 percent of gamers had received at least one immunization since the last survey on August 11th.
Georgia has fully immunized 39 percent of its population, one of the lowest rates in the country, according to data.
The state is currently facing daily increases of over 5,700 cases.
Governor Brian Kemp has promised to invest $125 million in financing to help the state’s overburdened hospitals.
The Atlanta Falcons were contacted for comment by The Independent.