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The NFL community responds to Cam Newton’s hot start for the Patriots in Week 2 of preseason.

Despite the absence of key defensive line starters, the Eagles continued to put pressure on Newton, forcing him to step up in the pocket and slither around to make consistent throws.
In the past, the former NFL MVP has had a reputation for taking off running.
Newton stood in the pocket, easily moved around when the pressure was on, and confidently threw strikes all over the field, whether it was to defend himself during a low-stakes exhibition match or as a sign of actual improvement.
Although signing with the Patriots late in the offseason, Newton still managed a 7-8 record as a starter despite having a scarcity of skill-position personnel at his disposal.
Plus, he was sick with COVID-19 during the season and wasn’t himself afterwards.
Thus, if Newton is the great teammate and leader the Patriots have praised since he arrived, it stands to reason that he’ll be even better in 2021.
To be clear, there’s no reason to overreact to what happens in the preseason, but the specific circumstances of Newton’s situation last year, the harsh criticism he received, and Jones’ presence all play a role here.
It was a high-pressure situation, and Newton rose to the occasion.
Cam Newton has been lauded by the NFL community for his excellent preseason performance against the Panthers.