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Mark Cuban of the Mavericks offers Cole Beasley of the Bills an incentive to get and market the COVID-19 vaccine.

After the NFL player indicated on Twitter that he would get immunized and advocate receiving the vaccination if the firm shared its earnings with his wife, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban offered Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley a piece of Pfizer stock if he gets vaccinated and promotes getting the vaccine.
On Tuesday, Beasley, 32, responded to a tweet from Pro Football Talk on the NFL and NFLPA rewarding vaccination by claiming he would be vaccinated only if Pfizer, one of the COVID-19 vaccine’s manufacturers, would donate “a percentage of the earnings from the vaccine in my wife’s name.”
But Beasley retaliated, arguing the message wasn’t “literal,” and that it wasn’t about the money, as he told one Twitter user.
“It wasn’t meant to be literal.”
I’m not interested in your money.
If we had a real chat on the phone, I could explain why the NFL’s new rules may result in more games being canceled this year than last.
Perhaps you could assist.
“Does it effect your decision to be vaccinated?” Cuban asked, adding, “does that impact your decision to get vaccinated?” Cuban felt the offer was “fair enough” and encouraged the wideout to contact out to him.
” Beasley has taken a firm stand against the NFL’s new health protocols for the next season.
Last month, he stated that he would rather retire than be vaccinated.
“I’m not in it for the money any longer.”
My family has been looked after.
If you wish, you can fine me.
In a lengthy message uploaded to Twitter on Friday, Beasley stated, “My way of life and my principles are more important to me than a dollar.”
“I’ll be doing what I do outside.”
I’ll be out and about.
If you’re [sic] afraid of me, stay away or get vaccinated…
I may die of covid, but I’d rather die living.” CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Beasley reinforced that message on Twitter Tuesday, responding to one person with, “Its not about the money.”
If I’m willing to play for free this year, it’s not about the money,” he tweeted.
“You guys are so sensitive that no one can say anything these days.”
When it comes to individuals, everything is life and death.” The NFL is pushing hard to get players and club staff members vaccinated.
The amended regulation keeps the limits on unvaccinated players from previous season while removing most of the restrictions for vaccinated players.